Putting a bow on 2012 in film (The Top 10s)

Well, folks, hard to believe that today is the Oscars.  The day we all await always manages to sneak up on us, blind us with an ephemeral flash of glory, and then recede to let us feel its impact for a year.  Tonight, the industry will speak about what they believed to be crowning achievements of cinema.

So today seemed like the perfect time for both myself and Lawren, a/perture’s curator, to weigh in on what we thought were the best films of 2012.  You are welcome to go to my own personal blog to see a more detailed analysis of what made these movies work for me and also get a numerical ranking.  For ease of reading today, however, we settled on a simple alphabetical ranking.

Enjoy the ceremony tonight and long live cinema!

l/awren’s top 10

Beasts of the Southern Wild Bernie Life of Pi

The Master Moonrise Kingdom Rust and Bone Searching for Sugar Man Silver Linings Playbook Starlet Zero Dark Thirty

m/arshall’s top 10:

Argo Bernie Hitchcock Killing Them Softly Les Miserables Looper The Master The Queen of Versailles 21 Jump Street Zero Dark Thirty

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