Monthly Archives: May 2015

Written and directed by Noah Baumbach, director and writer of Frances Ha and co-writer of Fantastic Mr. Fox, While We’re Young is a dramatic comedy about betrayal and the stereotypical aspects that come along with growing up and getting older.

The plot follows a middle-aged couple as they become friends with a peculiar young couple in their 20’s, Jamie and Darby. Through the growth of this unique friendship, the middle-aged couple (Cornelia and Josh) changes their entire lifestyle, resulting in a new perspective on life but also in many marital and career issues. The audience gets to follow this journey and see how it effects relationships with friends Cornelia and Josh had prior to meeting Jamie and Darby. The film also gives insight into how it can be difficult to take criticism about something you’re close to and how it can take a abrupt clash in order to accept that you may not know what’s best for something/someone.

All of the actors in this film did a fantastic job in their parts. Each person played their character so well that you’d think they weren’t actors but rather just people the film crew picked off the street. The actors who played the two couples are: Ben Stiller (Josh), Naomi Watts (Cornelia), Amanda Seyfried (Darby), and Adam Driver (Jamie).

Filled with funny moments and extremely relatable situations, this film is great for anyone that feels young at heart or wants to be inspired to channel their inner child more often.