Hi! My name is Phoebe Loew, I’m 17, and I am a junior at Mount Tabor High School. I intend to spend my life making films and working in the film industry. My forte is editing and I am often found,for hours on end,creating on Final Cut Pro. I truly love films and my 2015 New Year’s resolution is to gain a greater appreciation for and knowledge of all different kinds of genres.


At school I am Vice President of the Filmmaking Club and the Head Editor of my school’s yearbook. In addition to taking a rigorous academic course load, I am taking a two-year course, Digital Media, which I hope will better prepare me for a future in filmmaking. I intend to apply to filmmaking schools such as UNCSA, USC, Chapman University and NYU in the fall and I am very excited about the process of choosing a college.


In case you’re curious, my favorite director is David Fincher and some of my favorite films include (in no particular order):


Fight Club

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Social Network

Black Swan

Children of Men

Gone Girl

The Imitation Game


Read and enjoy my perspectives on the A/perture films and please leave me your comments and let me know how I’m doing!



  1. Sonya Patterson said:

    Hi Katie! Great start- proud of you and excited by your interest in film- A/perture is lucky to have you. Sonya Patterson

  2. Thrilled to see the love of film and aperture cinema shared and encouraged in the younger. Love this!! Thanks for your hard work.

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